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In Just 10 Days

Hello reader,

I am back again with yet another post. However, this one is something different, something special. It is a novel! A love story! An attempt to paint a vast picture in front of your eyes with each and every word you read. This project was supposed to transform into a paperback novel by now, but I need YOUR help to continue further.

The novel is a witty & rollicking story of a perfect couple, which is in an imperfect situation of a Long Distance Relationship. From Pune to London starts a side-splitting love epic of an Indian Rajasthani boy & a Punjabi English girl. They are madly in love with each & will do anything to make their relationship work. But, will the situations and the distance let them? Will their bosses stop breathing down their necks? Will they be able to survive the pain and the agony of being so far away? or will they just give up what they had for 2 years?

Below the image is a download link. So, just click on the link and get YOUR free copy of “In Just 10 Days”!

Click here to download

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